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Where “keeping in step with the Spirit” makes sense to kids!

(Galatians 5:25 NIV)

Birth through Fifth Grade
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To develop a firm faith foundation through God’s Word on which our kids will build for a lifetime, to fervently and intentionally love God and love others.

Sundays: 10:15-11:30 AM
Birth - Age 5

Preschoolers who fall in love with Jesus Christ have a lifetime of knowing Him as their reward. Through Hands-On Curriculum by Group Publishing, our littlest friends at Life Center Church encounter Jesus as a friend in age-graded classrooms. Using all five senses, they experience the truths of the Bible.

Our LCKidz infants and toddlers receive loving care by our team who intentionally invests in the very first moments of their lives. The delightful affection that every person can receive from God Almighty is first felt by our LCKidz infants and toddlers through the arms of our wonderful caregivers.

Kindergarten - Fifth Grade

Kids who choose to follow Jesus Christ need a place to express that devotion in worship and service. Others who want to start a faith relationship with Jesus need an authentic place to find Him. LCKidz Worship is that place. Elementary children learn through instruction, games, drama, and interactive small groups how to live out their faith in the daily decisions of actions, emotions, thoughts and responses.

Salvation – We want our kids to be in a firm faith relationship with Jesus Christ. Based on II Peter 3:9, we want to introduce kids to Jesus Christ, not just entertain or babysit.

Bible – We want our kids to have the ability to read the Bible for themselves and get something out of encountering God there. Based on Psalm 119:16, we want them to have a high respect and deep affection for the Word of God.

Prayer – Based on James 5:16, we want our kids to have confidence in their prayer life. We want them to pray and to expect answers.

Church – We want our kids to meet together with the family of God consistently. Based on Hebrews 10:23-25, we want them to have a devotion to God's kingdom family through a local church and a love for God’s church globally.

Accountability – Based on Titus 2:11-14, we want our kids to have a healthy perspective on God's standards and to live with accountability to biblical absolutes.

Friends – Based on Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, we want our kids to have strong Christian friends.

Worship – Based on Daniel 3:28, we want our kids to be passionate worshippers of Jesus Christ, shaped by what God says a true worshipper looks like, not by the culture around them.

Holy Spirit – Based on Jeremiah 1:7-8, we want our kids to know how to experience the Holy Spirit in relationship, to hear Him and obey Him.

Leadership – We want our kids to be leaders. Based on Proverbs 2:1-6, we want them to know how to think for themselves and make wise choices.

Evangelism – Based on Proverbs 11:30, we want our kids to have a dutiful heart for those without a faith relationship with Jesus Christ. We want them to have solid relationships with friends who are Christ-followers, but we also want them to be very comfortable reaching out to kids who aren't. We want them to know how to introduce their friends to Jesus Christ.

Spiritual traditions are habits you form with your child(ren). Some are centered around holidays like Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving, but many are daily habits you can establish like prayer, Bible reading, journaling and memorization. We hope these suggestions and ideas will be tools you can use to introduce your child to Jesus Christ as his/her Savior and disciple your child to love, seek, know and tell others about Him.

0-12 Months
Praying with and over your baby is an excellent habit. Pray God’s Word like Luke 2:52, “May you grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and with man.” Let talking to God be a habit baby is accustomed to hearing even though he/she doesn’t yet understand what prayer is.

Start the tradition of reading the Bible with your child at a young age. Use a picture Bible and/or read aloud Bible stories to help them to engage with God’s Word even now.

• Baby’s First Bible Stories by Paragon Books
• The Big Picture Story Bible by David Helm
• Baby’s Hug-a-Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones

There are many spiritual disciplines that help young kids understand faith. One of those is the habit of praying before meals. Everyone in the family can participate in mealtime prayers. At two years of age, prayer will most likely be repeat-after-me prayers, but as time progresses your child will be able to pray more and more by himself/herself.

Christmas traditions are abundant and enjoyable, but make sure the best part of Christmas is Jesus Christ.

• Read the Christmas story as a family before opening gifts.
• Allow them to play with a manger scene.
• Have a birthday party for Jesus.
• Participate in Operation Christmas Child and give presents to other kids to show God’s love.

Take advantage of everyday experiences to teach your child about prayer. When you see an ambulance or hear sirens, take a moment to pray for those affected. Demonstrate this habit of prayer yourself. It will make a big difference to your child as he/she develops personal prayer habits.

Teach your child God’s plan to love and rescue the world. Resurrection Eggs are a fun way to teach God’s love story at Easter. Take every chance to let your child hear that God loves him/her and has a plan for his/her life.


Daily ask your child about God Sightings, times when your child sees God at work. It will take time and modeling on your part before kids start to get it. For example “Did you see how God gave us all green lights when we were running late?”

Reading God’s Word is a spiritual habit important to every disciple of Jesus Christ. Teaching your child this habit at seven develops life-long patterns that generate blessing and joy for a lifetime. Give your child an age-appropriate devotional book, and buy a new Bible for your child. Provide highlighters and give your child liberty to mark in his/her Bible. Pray your child grows a supernatural love for God’s Word.

The Thanksgiving holiday provides numerous ways to teach the biblical value of thankfulness. Memorize James 1:17 during the Thanksgiving season. Create “Thankful Trees” where each family member daily writes on paper leaves one thing he/she appreciates.

Serving is an important aspect of our relationship with God. There are many ways a family can serve at Life Center. In the community, contact a local nursing home. Internationally, visit Feed My Starving Children or Operation Christmas Child online.

Make dinner a protected time in your family. Turn it into a spiritual tradition by reading Scripture together regularly each week. Try One Year Book of Family Devotions by Tyndale..

Continue to invest in spiritual disciplines that will last throughout your child’s life. Celebrate your child’s spiritual birthday each year—the day he/she accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. Memorize Scripture as a family. Journal about God’s Word together. Pray together. Attend church as a family on a weekly basis. These habits form a love relationship with God Almighty, who in turn blesses those who pursue Him.

LCKidz LEADERS impact children with the love of Jesus Christ through faithful presence, sincere joy and intentional involvement. Join our LCKidz Leadership Team to make a difference! Click the button below to be redirected to our LCKidz Volunteer Application.